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How we create our identity in life  is alot like how we create a resume for a job. Each and every person creates a certain identity for different aspects of their life. For instance, university students will create a Facebook profile page that will attract other students. This profile/resume is portrayed in a particular way so that other students will accept them as friends.

Also, we have a different identity/resume for our work life. If we integrate our Facebook or any other social networking system online to be affiliated with professionalism, then we would have to alter out previous Facebook profile so that it would gain the approval for work.

Just like applying to any job, we always have to tweak and change our resumes so that they fit into the job description. People do this with online social newtworking systems. In order to get approval in society and in your culture, you have to constantly change and alter your profiles in order they fit your life at the certain time in your life.

 Resumes always change, and so do you.

-Lyara Brine


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