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According to Joan Morris DiMicco and David R, Millen from the Company IBM state that “Over 80% of students at US universities have registered profile pages on Facebook”. Everyone on Facebook create an account usually in the first year of university or even at an earlier age. Everyone has a certain ” face” that they display to otherson their Facebook.  The question I want to ask is what happens after you get your university/college degree? DiMicco and Millen have done a case study at IBM which helps determine this answer.

They constructed a survey through their company and asked how many employees had Facebook still after graduating. ” There were over 14,000 Facebook users who identified themselves as employees”. They then narrowed down their research and only looked at 68 Facebook profiles of users that worked within their company. After looking through and narrowing down their information they created three categories: Reliving the College Days”, “Dress To Impress”, and “Living In The Business World”.

Reliving the College Days was by far the largest group of employees. The users still belong to their high school networks and haves the least amount of connections to their corporate network. This group tends to be the youngest of of the users ( average age of 25). They have continued to use Facebook since joining the company to maintain contacts with their university/college friends, and haven’t transitioned their use to the corporate environment. Their profiles have constant status updates, have filled in their about me section and even tell people what their favorite tv shows are,etc.

The second group was the Dress to Impress. They have fewer friends of Facebook and they belong to fewer networks than the College days. They have a greater amount of corporate memebers. They use Facebook to maintain relationships with both friends and school in the past and new freinds within the working environment. This group usually has joined Facebook after their university/college career. Their age is usually 36 and older.

The third group is the Living in the business world. Their Facebook profiles are usually very limited and have been created very recently. They only use their companies social network an no others.They don’t give out any personal information on their profile and are not in any previous school networks. A reason they only joined Facebook was to be more connected with their fellow co-workers.

What does this mean? The members of the college days are NOT managing their identity when they should be. Many companies look at Facebook to use as a reference check and to see who their co-workers are. Identity management is a MUST when it comes to social networks online. Everyone manages their identity on facebook, the problem is that this group has chosen to manage their identity to still relive their past. This should be a newsflash to all the students : YOU CANNOT represent a 21 Year old Mind set when going into a professional setting. You need to alter it as soon as you start looking to join the business world.

The Dressed to impress group and the  Living in the business world groups both have managed their identities alot better. These groups have a good balance between professionalism and keeping contact with old friends. Their facebook statuses don’t say “wicked party last night! Man i shouldn’t have drank that much !”

We choose how to display ourselves to others, we just need to choose how and when to do it.

-Lyara Brine


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