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In the case study called Social Networking: Communication Revolution or Evolution? Cheryl L. Coyles and Heather Vaughn’s created a survey that asked ” What are undergraduates’ reasons for using social networking sites(Facebook)”.   They surveyed 68 college undergraduates in the United States that were between the ages 18-22. The two questions they sent out in a survey were 1) How many social networking accounts do you have? and 2) On average, how many times a day do you log on to a social network site?

The results were not surprising, but in the end eight categories were created in order to determine why undergrads use Facebook. The total percentage is greater than 100% because the respondants listed mutliple reasons. 41% said they use Facebook “to keep in touch with friends”. 17% said they use Facebook because “ It’s fun and entertaining. 12% said they use Facebook to “post or look at photos” while another 12% said they use Facebook when “their bored”. 10% said they used Facebook “only in response to someone contatcing them on the site” while another 10% said they use it because ” everyone else is doing it”. 7% said they use Facebook because ” they don’t have any contact info. 3% use Facebook because ” you can send a meassge to multiple people”. Then there was another 19% of undergraduates who had a diferent response than above.

With these results, Facebook’s sole purpose is basically to maintain friendships that were created offline. Facebook helps people maintain these offline friendships online. Most students use Facebook on a daily basis and are always looking at their friends profiles. People are constantly maintaining their profiles so others are well aware of what they doing recently; this is how identity is playing a role. Facebook is all about self-expression and people always want to show a “good side” to their friends online. You will most likely only see a positive status update by one of your Facebook friends unless that person is striving for attention or a specific reaction. Even then, they are portraying themselves a way that THEY want you to see them. So tell me, why do you use Facebook?

-Lyara Brine


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